Saeed’s Site

I’m Saeed Izadi, born on January 1990 in Iran. From an early age, logical problem solving has always appealed to me and this explains my interests in programming and computing in general. The decision to study computer engineering as my Bachelor’s program was therefore a simple one (2008-2012). As a highly qualified student with solid academic background, I decided to narrow down my studies on artificial intelligence (AI) toward my Master’s degree at Amirkabir University of Technology (2013-2016) — one of the bests in Iran. Armed with the thorough knowledge of artificial intelligence, I have been gaining practical hands on experience in line with my graduate studies through working at Faradid Co. (since 2015). Being a part of this company afforded me the opportunity to hone my technical skills in tackling real-world image processing and machine learning problems. I’m now pursuing a PhD degree at Simon Fraser University, CS under the supervision of Prof. Ghassan Hamarneh.